Rhinelander Soccer Club

Spring Traveling soccer is transitioning into Fall Traveling soccer this year.

In a special meeting held March 14th, regarding the competitive traveling program only, the board unanimously decided to use 2019 as a transitional year to move our traveling program from the spring to the fall. Many thoughts and program changes were considered into making this decision. Some of the being: Spring weather patterns which have pushed back our starting dates in the past years, and the opportunity to support new soccer initiatives in Northern Wisconsin, which would include new leagues, new tournaments and new regulations.
Ultimately we feel that the program, which started its roots originally in the fall, would serve the community and the sport of soccer best, by returning to a late summer / early fall schedule.

The Rhinelander Soccer Club was originally founded on, and flourished under, a “fall club” model which is more consistent with the Northern Wisconsin weather. We expect this decision to continue to serve and grow the traveling program and ultimately to help us achieve our goal of building the community through the exciting game of soccer. All competitive traveling players currently registered for the spring will be transitioned into their same fall teams.

Recreational Spring Soccer will not have any Changes

This decision will not affect the growing, and very popular, youth recreational soccer program that serves area youth from 4 to 10 years of age. Enrollment for that program is still open and you can CLICK HERE TO REGISTER